Loyalty Program

Loyalty Points

Welcome to our Loyalty Program! At Kraza we appreciate our customers’ loyalty and we would like to give back in return. Through our loyalty program you will gain points at every purchase based on the price of every purchased product, which you can later redeem at your next purchase.

How Do I Gain Points ?

At every purchase, you will gain a number of points based on the price of every purchased product. With every LBP 1,000 spent (or equivalent in any currency), you will gain 1 point.
Kindly note that not all products may be eligible to the loyalty program.
The points you accumulate will be equivalent to a monetary value according to this conversion:
1 Point = 50 LBP (or equivalent in any currency)

How Do I Use My Points ?

The next time you checkout, you will be able to see the total monetary value of your points and decide if you want to redeem them for the current purchase (meaning that the total value of your points will be discounted from the total checkout amount), or keep the points for the next purchase.
Every time you checkout, you can decide to accumulate the points for the next purchase or use them for the current one.
You will not lose points if you do not use them, they will continue to accumulate until you decide to redeem them.

Where Can I Check My Points Balance ?

You can check your points balance in “Your Reward Points" section under your account to see how many points you have accumulated and review a summary of your points transactions. You will be able to see the number of points you gained or used at every purchase, along with the issue date and the related order.

Last updated: December 20, 2020